26-11-2010: Cali, Valle de Cauca, Colombia

Situated in the valley of Cauca, the outskirt of Santiago de Cali is green and picturesque.

Commenced in 2008, the Mio bus system is new and efficient. Coming from Hong Kong, this might seem nothing, but for Latin America, it´s a great advancement.

The beautiful Iglesia de la Ermita.

Plaza de Cayzedo in the centre of Cali filled with palm trees.

An interesting building at night in the historical centre. The most memorable experience in Cali was the salsa class. Cali is considered as the salsa capital of the world, and it is a lot funner than I thought! Now I wish I would spend more days here to learn more salsa.


25-11-2010: Salento, Quindío, Colombia

Waking up in the morning in Salento.

Salento´s main centre with the church.

The main street of Salento with colorful houses with a path walking up to Alto de la cruz.

On the top of the hill Alto de la cruz overlooking the entire Salento.

One of the most wonderful things about Salento is that there are thousands of colorful butterflies flying surrounding you.

Beautiful evening plaza of Salento.
Breathtakingly beautiful sunset in Salento.

24-11-2010: Valle de Cocora, Quindío, Colombia

Palma de cera, national tree of Colombia.

These wax palms are so statuesque over the verdant hills.

Beautiful valley with various shades of greens.

The hike involved a pass through many beautiful waterfalls.

And crossed through a few log bridges over the running waterfalls. Scary but super fun!

Another beautiful waterfalls.

Mystic rainforest after the rain.

Another steep hill with these strange palms.

A beautiful valley with the most types of greens I have ever seen!

Another gorgeous view of the valley.

These palms stands over 100m tall!

The grand view of Cocora Valley.

Am I too dark? haha

Many milk cow lazing in the valley.

A milk cow against the strange palms.

23-11-2010: Eje cafetero, Salento, Quindío, Colombia

The lush coffee bushes.

Beautiful coffee beans.

One of the many coffee plantations.

The machine used to peel the coffee berries.

Me making my first pot of fresh coffee from the farm.

Me enjoying the Colombian coffee, right from the source.

After months of torture by Peruvian dogs, here at the farm I met some lovely pups! I realize I still love dogs. LOL

22-11-2010: Eje cafetero, Salento, Quindío, Colombia

The verdant valley has various shades of green, absolutely stunning!

In the finca (coffee farm) there are so many types of flowers and a bamboo bush.

There are many types of fruits too, including pineapples.

Orange trees ...... the oranges are so fresh and juicy.

Banana plantation with the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

Exotic flower.

Raspberry plants.

Overlooking from the coffee farm.


21-11-2010: El Peñol de Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia

Me at the top of the rock, la piedra del peñon.
A birdeye view of the beautiful region of Antioquia, with a lake and hundreds of islands.

This lake is basically around the rock, and every angle is just as stunning.

Another stunning angle.

Here is the rock, piedra del peñon, which we climbed up 635 stairs to reach to the top and enjoy the magnificent view.

The surroundings are so beautiful and peaceful.

One of the things that impresses me about Antioquia, or paisa, is that it is so green!

20-11-2010: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Plaza de Bolívar, Medellín, with the backdrop of a red-brick Paisa cathedral.

One of Colombia´s major exports, cut flowers, grown in Antioquia.

Medellín is a very modern city. Here is the metro station, Parque Berrio, with buildings and a monument.

Fruit juices are Colombia´s best. This giant fruit is guanábana.

Medellín´s metro system contains a cable car extension to upper suburb, which is a good way to see the city. Even Hong Kong has nothing like it! Very impressive, and it doesn´t cost extra to take a ride. Medellín is surrounded by mountains and red-brick houses typical of Antioquia, or paisa.

"Medellín imparable." (unstoppable Medellín). True, it´s a very progressive city.

Medellín in one picture: Colonial church on the left, a painting from Fernando Botero (a paisa originally from Medellín) in the middle, and cool metro on the right.