Rafa and I.

Franklin after his first communion, with Monika, Viki and I.

Franchesco and I.

Carlos Torres and I.

Jorge and I.

Olga and I.

Paul fell down in the slippery mat, but still laughing so much!

A lovely sibling, Ruben and Silvia.

Alcides and Jorge was doing a cheerleading thing after their game.  They got the highest score from me!

Franco didn´t want to play, so he hid under the coats.

A very difficult game, but the guys had so much fun!

Claudio and Gustavo were practically playing the water instead of playing the game!  But so glad that they had fun.



Me and Jorge with his birthday cake that I baked for him.

He helped me to share with his mates.

Lemar´t learning how to mix colors!

Rafa learning playing guitar with me while Jorge came to annoy him.

Jenny and Julio making fun of chubby Claudio.

Cristhian learning how to write!!!!!  So exciting!

It is so difficult this year to keep up with this blog!  I have been so busy with everything.  Work is one, then we have numerous events coming up in December, and there are more kids and it means that they would ask for things here and there throughout the day!  And we just moved in our brand new volunteer house, which is another big task to keep it up.  But, nothing to complain, we have all the great facility now that I didn´t have in the past year.

Just a couple days ago, we talked to the younger kids about Christmas elfs coming to fill their socks at night (they don´t have stockings so we used their socks), and most of them, even some older boys, really believed that it´s gonna happen!  They also wrote letters and laid out water and a bowl of soup for the elfs, which we told them to do.  They are really so innocent and sweet, something that I can´t find in any kids in Hong Kong.  

So many things had happened, but so little that I can write.  But they are all in my heart, and everyday the children has become more and more important to me.  And it is tough to work with a lot of children who have self-destructive or violent behaviors, but we just have to be patient day by day and everybody works as a team, and hopefully one day they can change in a positive way.  And it´s fulfilling when I see them grow everyday, and the directors appreciating what I do.  I really can´t complain!