Josh, me and Laurie at the Peak working.

I am getting much more used to living in Hong Kong again. Work is getting in place and everything else seems to fall into the right place. I had worked out a way to live in Hong Kong and it is working quite well. The key is really to follow my heart and do whatever I feel is right for me, not according to what the society is.

It has been a joy working with the students at the centre. Their simplicity and happiness really move me and I´m always at ease when I´m with them, despite some problems in between, like Josh misused his money or Mei Mei not listening and threw a big tantrum. I must say that working with people with disabilities is really "my thing". However, it is a completely different experience from working with underprivileged chiidren. These guys problems are like spending too much money on buying Starbucks coffee kinda problem, whereas the guys in Peru would be having problem like not drinking enough water daily.

Despite all these, I am still thinking of moving on to the next stage of my life, and I am still planning it out. I still miss Lemar´t a lot. He is always on my mind. "When I hear his laughter, the sky becomes blue".