Lemar´t wearing a playdoh crown we made together.

Julio on one side of a see-saw.

While Claudio was on the other side of it!

This morning I finally had the energy to do some laundry, as I had been feeling unwell last week. Though still recovering, I felt much better and also those dirty clothes couldn´t wait anymore! While I was washing, I heard a loud clear voice, and only Julio has this powerful but sweet sound! Then he ran towards me and reached the fence by the therapy room, which is just next to the laundry area. We greeted each other with a ´hola´ and a big smile. While he took off, Claudio came and greeted me as well! I couldn´t help but went up and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Julio saw that, and came up again and asked for a kiss. This kind of small but precious moment makes me feel worthwhile to be here. And it made me feel so warm in such cold winter season the southern hemisphere.

Another beautiful and one of the sweetest moments was how the kids did today in therapy. I remember in the beginning, they would run to the therapy room, explored all the toys and played with them carelessly, or jumped into the pool of balls and made a mess everywhere! It was really tough work then, and it took a lot of teaching positive behaviors and values. But today, Franklin, Alonso and Marcos ran to the therapy room ahead of me just as usual. But instead of making messes, they lined the chairs that I usually did myself, sat neatly together and was waiting for me. It really warmed my heart and I am so proud of how they behave so well now! I love all of them dearly!


Lemar´t was sharing some milk with Jhonatan.

José Luis holding a declaration banner from school.

The twins eating some biscuits at the plaza after church.

Franklin was eating some too!

After church in the morning, Jhonatan came up to me and held my hand, and then we took a stroll around the plaza while everyone just hung around before heading home. We stopped by a food stall, and I bought some biscuits and juice for us to share. It´s very rare that I have some time alone with just one kid, and this is a perfect time to do so. I think it is a good and important thing for these kids to have personal attention and make them feel special.

In the afternoon, some of the kínder kids had families visited them, including Lemar´t, Jhosmelyr and Samanta. I was particularly happy for Jhosmelyr because she often cries because she misses her mom a lot. Sometimes I have to comfort her a lot and make her feel a bit more secure. Since then, she hugs me really tightly every time I see her, and she often looks me up and tells me little things she has been doing. She also has a doll named Anita whom she cares a lot and pretends to be her own baby. She often told me things happening with Anita too. Today, her family brought her some snacks, and she got some and shared with me! It was so sweet, and I shared them with the rest of the kids too. Jenny, on the other hand, kept sticking to me and sat on my lap, asking for tickles again, while Jhonatan kept telling me about everything from colors to objects around. He has advanced so much with his cognitive skills, and I am so proud of him!

Lemar´t was very sweet as always. His mom came to visit him, and brought him various snacks. Immediately, he came to me and put a bottle on my mouth! He was trying to share a drink that his mom brought for him. It was super sweet of him! Then he shared with Jhonatan and Alonso as well. I printed a photo of him and his mom which I took a few weeks ago for his mom, as she actually loves him very much and come to see him every weekend. It is sad that they have to be separated due to certain condition. Though I must said, at current conditions it is probably the best solution for them. And selfishly it is good for me too as I get to know this wonderful child!



Lemar´t was eager to help peeling the peas.

Jenny helped out too!

The twins, as always, were super funny and incredibly cute. Jhonatan made a sad face on purpose while José Luis tried to put more peas in his bowl.

After coming back from Huaraz, I remained sick for the whole week. I rested quite a bit, while continued my work in the afternoon when the kids are back home from school. It made me feel so warm though whenever they see me they would call me and hug me. Sometimes I don’t have enough arms and space to fit all of them at once! Jenny, for instance, is one of the sweetest girls and seems to be also happy. She always asked me to tickle her, and she loves it. Plus, she would try to tickle me back too!

Today, I finally felt a bit better, although my throat still hurt a little and there was still a chunk of yellowish phlegm in the morning. But anyway, I got on with my schedule or work. After breakfast, I had a meeting with Noelia about coordination of therapy during the weekend. Then, I went on to hang out with the kínder kids. It involved playing, chatting, reading stories as well as some disciplining. We also helped with peeling the peas, which is a task we often do during the weekends. We all helped, from as little as Julio to us tios, and we finished quite quickly. Afterwards, we all went on to play in the jungle gym.


Nevado y Laguna Churup, Huaraz: 6-6-2010

A dreamlike lake which can see the reflection of the sky and surroundings.

Chris and I had to climb up in the middle part of this mountain to get to the lake. When I said climb, we literally climbed with ropes for crying out loud! It was certainly one of the most freaky but wonderful experiences! Oh, did I say it´s 4800m above sea level?

A waterfall we passed during our adventurous trekking.

After an adventurous and exciting climb, we finally arrived in the crystal clear Laguna Churup in the backdrop of Nevado Churup!

Laguna Churup shined with multi-colored water, thanks to the crystal clear water and various algaes in the lake.

A view of the town Pitec, in the midst of our 8 hours trekking. We were extremely exhausted not just because of the length, but mainly due to the high altitude and thin air, constantly climbing up and serious rock climbing.

Laguna Llanganuco, Huaraz: 5-6-2010

Me in the backdrop of Laguna Llanganuco and the magnificent Andes mountain range.

Glaciated Andean mountain behind this 3800m above sea level lake.

Another view of LL, so surreal that it seems like a painting.

The gorgeous turquoise lake with spectacular flora and fauna surroundings.

The shining lake behind the red quenua trees typical in the lakes area.


Huascarán, Huaraz: 5-6-2010

A brook in the backdrop of majestic Huascarán.

Beautiful scenary below Nevado Huascarán.

The highest glaciated Andean peak in Parque Nacional de Huarascán, Nevado Huascarán.

Another majestic snow-capped Andean peak with beautiful surroundings.

First glimpse of the scenary in the city of Yungay ... simply breathtaking!



Lemar´t eating his orange.
The twins played a puzzle together during therapy.

My boy!

One of my favorite boys, Carlos Abel, with a sunshine smile.

Today the kids had no school, so we had breakfast at 8am. I woke up happily and peacefully around 6:30am with a glimpse of sunlight shining through the window. I got up, got my morning coffee, and saying good mornings to everyone passed by. It was such a wonderful way to start the day.

After breakfast, I started getting ready to go to Lima after chatting with a few people. I hopped on a colectivo in which I sat in the trunk, because there were a few older persons hopped on in the town of Lunahuaná and so I gave them the front seats. While I was waiting them to load their luggages, the kindergarten kids passed by in a line, supposedly just went out for a walk. I saw all my boys and girls and we enthusiastically said hi to each other. Jhonatan even ran to the trunk and gave me a hug. I kissed him and told him I will be back soon. Now I am going to Huaraz for the weekend, but I am going to miss them terribly. I already am.


Alondra with her playdoh bracelet and ring.
José Luis with a pair of white playdoh glasses ... he is so funny!

Jhonatan with a pair of yellow one.

Big brother Lemar´t and cute cute Claudio.

Little brother Lemar´t with Anabel and Renzo.

I have been really busy writing reports and analysis in the past few days, so I spent a lot of time in the psychology office and also had meetings concerning some children's issues and progress. But in the morning I bumped into Claudio, Lemar't and a few other kids before they went to the clinic in Cañete. Claudio just had this horrifying haircut ... If I knew who cut his hair like this I will curse I swear! ... Nonetheless he is incredibly cute with his bag and everything. Lemar't was playing with him, and he looked like a big brother to Claudio. In fact, he's like this with Julio as well.

In the evening, when Brígida and I were getting all the reports ready, Kevin came in and asked for some strong glue because one of his running shoes was torn in the front. I felt so sorry for him! I mean, I never had shoes like that, and in fact if my shoes were just getting old, I would have bought another pair. But his shoe was basically unwearable because the front part had about a 10 cm cut! Brígida asked him to wear another pair, but he didn't have one. It made me feel horrible. I shall go and look for a new pairs of shoes for him.


Carlos Abel playing the hula hoop after I showed him how.

Anita playing volleyball.

Lemar´t and Jhonatan playing merry-go-round.

Julio waiting for the games to start.

Musical chair ... Marcos and Jefferson got the last 2 seats, and Samanta lost ... she cried afterwards!

This weekend was full of events, and we were really busy! On Saturday, the kids did cleaning before breakfast, so we were ready for the activities of Padrino Day. Padrinos, which means godparents, are people who sponsor the kids individually for their livings as well as special occasions such as pocket money for their birthday so that they can buy something they like. Since no padrinos were here, we celebrated by playing games and sports all day, with lunch outdoor. It was surely fun for the kids and for us, since hardly they have that much free time often to play. As always, I was crowded by the little ones, whom I have spent most time with. I took them to play in the swing set, sang songs, took them to the bathroom, fed them and simply hung out with them. It was very tiring but at the same time very rewarding. Cutest thing of the day: I hung out with Claudio for a bit and he hugged me so tightly and didn't want to let go! I actually had to go to do something, so I put him down. Then he grabbed my fingers so tightly that I couldn't leave! Then I told him I had to go but would come back. When I reached outside, I heard him crying! So I went back and comforted him and hung out a bit longer with him.

No church on Sunday because a lot of kids had to perform dancing in a school event later today, and they spent the morning practicing. I, on the other hand, spent most of the day writing reports. Jhonatan and Lemar't were so sweet, they came in the library where I was working and checked on me with their cheeky smiles. I took them out as they are, though super sweet, usually very disruptive! I gave them kisses and took them back to the tias. Later after I finished work, I went to the kinder room and gave sweets to all the kids without disciponary measures. I felt like they and I deserved a break from behavioral management, and just let myself treat them naturally, as an uncle should do. Afterwards, I needed to go to the kitchen and put a spoon back there, and Jhonatan insisted to accompany me. So we went together, and he held my hand so tight! On the way back, he was whispering something, so I took him up and tried to listen to what he had to say. And he whispered with a cheeky smile and sneaky voice, "Can you give me a candy just for me?" I found it so funny, and he is so smart! Unfortunately I didn't carry extra candies, so I couldn't give him any. I gave him a big kiss though. It has been a lot of trembling, and in fact it was trembling earlier as I was writing this. Hope nothing serious is going to happen!


A kitten in the laundry basket: José Luis!

Big brother Lemar´t and Julio.

Lemar´t requested to do another glasses ... this time it´s red!

Un Papá Noel: Jhonatan!

The cutest puppy!
When I was walking towards the upper therapy room to do exercise this morning, Julio called me and posed his classic pose of getting me to hold him, so instead of doing exercise I played with him! We played in the swing together and he laughed when it went high. Then I took him for a walk around the home, where I met Brígida who reminded me to get a small thing done. So I told Julio to wait for me downstairs while I went up to my room and get it done quickly. Two seconds after, I heard him crying, so I held him and got up to finish the task quickly. While I was in my room, I gave him a piece of cracker and he loved it. When we went down, Lemar't saw me and ran to me. Once he saw the cracker in Julio's hand, he pointed at it and frowned his face and nodded his head, and said "sí"! So I went up to my room again and get him a piece of cracker. This time, I asked them to hold hands and waited for me downstairs. They waited very quietly and nicely, and even when they were eating the crackers they were still holding hands! It was so cute!