The Factory for the Blind ... somewhere there are so much to learn from.

Martin and Mei Mei danced together in the Solas Party.

Mei Mei and me after her makeover before the party.

Debbie and Laurie always love each other.

Me, Laurie and Suzette at the Pixar exhibition.

It has been almost three months since I started my job at The Nesbitt Centre. I have built a very strong relationship with some of the students, and they have become very special to me. In the last couple of weeks, we had quite a bit of activities due to the last week of the term and summer break. It had been a lot of work, but it all turned out really lovely.

Since I've become the keyworker for Mei Mei, I got in touch with her mom and helper, and I got to know her so much more. And I have started to pay more attention to her. She does have quite a bit of behavioral issues, but actually she's a very sweet person. It just takes some patience and loving care and she actually does listen and comply with most things. And obviously she needs a bit of teaching too. She has this very cute and chubby look! It's just fun to see her.

Last Monday, we went to the Hong Kong Society for the Blind for our team bonding visit. It was such an eye opening experience for various reasons. The most astonishing is probably what people with visual disabilities can achieve and how much they can achieve. They can do many things that a lot of people cannot do, such as coldcalling, cooking, using computers with a braille system, writing with braille and even sewing and putting threads into the needle! They have shown so much courage, strength and perseverance! They really show that if we believe in ourselves and work hard, we can achieve anything despite our obstacles. We do indeed have so much to learn from them!

We have just started the summer program, and I look forward to working with the students again, who always make me smile and laugh!