Jericoacoara - Fortaleza, July 2013

My first amazing sunset at Jeri where a child played on the beach.

Time to jump!

Beautiful lake beach, nothing like this elsewhere!

Coconut water and me on the hammock in the warm lake water.

Peculiar shape cloud at sunset.

Sunset at the iconic Pedra Furada.

Beautiful colours!

Can't get enough of the shades of colours!

Majestic sand dune facing the sea.

Too relaxed to care!

The iconic Pedra Furada.

The city of Fortaleza.

Beautiful city beach of Fortaleza.


Natal - Praia da Pipa, July 2013

Low tide walking to the Dolphin Beach.

Handsome cliffs shadowed on the sand.

Love Beach, great waves for surfing … maybe too great!  :)

Beautiful beach and sea.

A troop of dolphins swam along.


Olinda - Recife - Porto De Galinhas, June 2013

From Cidade Alta, Olinda.

Panoramic view of the Olinda.

Beautiful colorful colonial buildings.

Recife Antiguo by night, as in any colonial town it is so romantic.

The sky was purple!

Porto De Galinhas, the sea became a mirror!

It is just magic!

I can´t get more of it!

Amazing natural pools of Porto!  

Coral fish follows you as we speak!  

One of the beautiful exotic natural pools.

The view on top of the reef is incredible!

Eje Cafetero, May 2013

Butterflies are just everywhere and this photo was only taken by iPhone!

Not a butterfly farm but with loads of varieties.

Apparently the flowers have a lot of goodies here.

Amazing verdant region, one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Best moment:  wake up in this verdant coffee farm sipping fresh Colombian coffee.

It has all shades of greens.

Thousands of coffee plantations right behind me.

Beautiful coffee bushes.

Look how lush they are!

Again, one of the most beautiful places in the world!  

Panamá, May 2013

The residential and less touristy side of Casco Antiguo.

Beautiful garden with handsome architecture in Casco Antiguo.

When modern Panamá meets the old Panamá in Casco Antiguo through the harbor of the Canal.

The Grandeur of the Panamá Canal.

Simply impressive work, which costed a lot of labor and life to build.

The ship is above my arm! 

Capurganá - San Blas Islands, May 2013

The natural pool in Capurganá.... super lindo!

The sea of seven colors thanks to different formations of sands and pebbles, corals and fish.

The unrest strike involved many actions such as burning flames to attract attention and arm force.

 Finally arrived in Panamá .... La Miel

First island that we landed was near where the kunas still go fishing in their traditional boats.

A private beach of the first day ... it´s basically a small coconut palm island, and nothing else.

Second day, arrived in an island of clear crystaline water.

A paradise island.

Look at the water!  It is so clear!  And on the right, you can see the formation of the coral reefs right at the shore.

Romantic sunset.

Swaying in a hammock at sunset between the coconut palms.

From one paradise island to another.

See the shipwreck?  It´s on the left!

Lobster night!

The star fish island, a true paradise on earth.

Shallow calm water with wonderful sealife underneath.

Two friends.

Star Fish everywhere!

Enjoying a coconut on the beach before heading back again.

It is just breathtaking!