Jericoacoara - Fortaleza, July 2013

My first amazing sunset at Jeri where a child played on the beach.

Time to jump!

Beautiful lake beach, nothing like this elsewhere!

Coconut water and me on the hammock in the warm lake water.

Peculiar shape cloud at sunset.

Sunset at the iconic Pedra Furada.

Beautiful colours!

Can't get enough of the shades of colours!

Majestic sand dune facing the sea.

Too relaxed to care!

The iconic Pedra Furada.

The city of Fortaleza.

Beautiful city beach of Fortaleza.


Natal - Praia da Pipa, July 2013

Low tide walking to the Dolphin Beach.

Handsome cliffs shadowed on the sand.

Love Beach, great waves for surfing … maybe too great!  :)

Beautiful beach and sea.

A troop of dolphins swam along.