29-4-2011: Lemar´t 4th birthday

Lemar´t @ his 3rd birthday celebration with me.

11:37 Hong Kong time when I am writing this. In about half an hour it will be 29th April, 2011, my beloved Lemar´t´s 4th birthday! Last year I celebrated with him with a little cake made by various types of biscuits that he likes, and I still remember that day vividly. In fact I can vividly remember everything about Lemar´t, his cheeky smile and laugh, his little hands that I always held, the way that he giggled when I held him running, the innocent and true spirit......all these memories I will never forget. I couldn´t spend his birthday with him, but before I left Perú I had already prepared a gift, which is a box of chocolate and a small card I made, that the volunteers will help give that to him. They promise photos, so I can´t wait to see that! I will give him a little surprise as well tonight! Right now my little boy must be sleeping soundly, and I wish him grow healthily and happily, and have a wonderful life ahead.

"Te quiero muchhhhho mi Lemar´tito, y te extraño demasiado! Te mando el abrazo mas fuerte del mundo y un besito muy muy grande!"


14-4-2011: Awakenings

Well, I have returned to Hong Kong for exactly a month. Within this short little month, there were a bit of drama that happened, not that I love drama. In fact, it wasn´t pleasant at all. I came back with the news of the horrifying earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and a couple days later Hong Kong had a "salt fever" where some ignorant people thought that salt can prevent radiation and all the salt in Hong Kong was sold out in a couple of hours! It just makes me love home (NOT!!!). Since I arrived in Spain, I had started a great fear living in Hong Kong again because there are a lot of things to re-adjust. All I can say is that it wasn´t a very good start. I was pretty frustrated with the lack of individualism in Hong Kong, where people meter in everything in your life. In a way, if I weren´t determined and believed in who I am, I would have lived a life according to the society or others rather than myself. For instance, I have learned to truly appreciate the value of alimentation, and it is very important for me to maintain a healthy balance. Indeed I was under fed in Peru, and I realize it isn´t always easy to have a good nutrition when resources are limited. But whenever I have a meal with friends or family since I came back, every single meals included lots of meats, lots of food and lots of leftovers that were wasted. The horrible part is that this phenomenon is normal here! I didn´t say anything during the meals, but everytime I felt really guilty and excruciating thinking that in the orphanage we only got a small piece of meat every day and sometimes none or that we only had a piece of bread and a bowl of soup for dinner.

On top of that, a few days later I had an accident that something fell and landed on my head, causing a deep wound on my head and it was bleeding hard! Thankfully my brother and Lydia were there helping me stop the bleeding, although I had to calm Lydia down a bit! haha Well, I wasn´t too scared except there was a freightening thought crossing my mind that there could be a severe bleeding or my brain lacked oxygen or something like that, causing a brain damage or something more serious. Thankfully, it wasn´t like that at all. I was conscious the whole time and I went to the hospital and got three stitches the same night. The whole experience gave me a legitimate right to rest, but more importantly, it has inspired me not to waste any of my time as life does come and go easily, and we never know what will happen next. On this subject, I do have a bit of life planning after I came back, and in fact it is still in process. But I know what I want in my life now, and I must do whatever that is good for me.

I will need to take many steps to achieve what I want to do, but at the same time I wouldn´t rush it. I believe that things will come together at the right time. And I will start my new job soon, which seems very exciting and interesting to me, working with adults with special needs. I certainly look forward to that, and I really hope that my future will go wherever that is good for me. In the meantime, I really miss the kids in NPH Perú, especially the little ones.