Us making strawberry jams with the boys.

The chocolate cookies are ready!

All the little ones behave so well!

Besides baking, they played around with the tools too.

Mari Luz finally were out and riding her bike!

A world of extremes:  On one hand, the children are so beautiful and precious, and everyday I just love them more and more.  On the other hand, I just hate the stupidity of people whom I don´t really give a shit but just like to fuck up everybody´s life.  Sometimes I wonder if it´s really my problem, but after like ten other people who come from different countries and different backgrounds (volunteers, visitors, family members of volunteers) have the same issue, I soon realise that it is just a fucked up situation and some people just like to mess around.  Actually as everybody knows I´m a pretty tough guy with no fear of shits, but seeing situations that are just ridiculous and people being fucked around make me realise how important we have to ignore these people, go on with our ambitions and missions, do whatever we feel right about and be fearless.  We are the reference of the children, and we need to be positive role models for them.  Ok....Phew!  Now the good stuff ......

Been having so much fun with the children, and every day I feel more loved.  Claudio always always asked to kiss me, while Esmeralda jumps up to me and give me a big hug and Angela wrapped around my back and Aldair pulled on my shirt.  It´s always fun to carry them, spin them around and play with them.  The older boys are also so wonderful.  The volunteer house is ready and we are about to move.  On one hand I´m happy that we have our private space and comfort, but I will miss living with the boys, who are absolutely wonderful.  Here are some of the things they said:

Jorge with an childish annoyed tone:  ¨Why you have to leave?  You can stay for a few years!¨
Alexander after saying that I will come and visit:  ¨Everyday?¨
Rafael:  ¨Why you are moving?  You don´t like living with us?¨ And I told him of course not, and we hugged.

I will truly miss living with them, missing put creams on their face and ointments for their wounds.  In fact, they often say that I have the best pharmacy!  At the last night, I made fried rice for dinner for them, and they were so happy.  I got hugs from every angles, and I know that they can feel that I truly care about them.  Even tío Roger, my roommate, said that they are going to miss me.  

Work wise it has been good too, although after the school strike the kids have to have make-up classes, and it ruins our schedule big time.  But the program is going well, and we are having good advances.  We have been doing different workshops like baking, cooking, sex education, and I also tutor English for some of them too.  The kids keep asking us when we will have English classes, person care workshops, watching movies, etc.  We hope we can more time and energy to do everything, but it is not physically possible.  But we try to keep it up so that we know we are here for a good cause, and not for the fucked up people and situations.  But, we are fine.  The people whom we care about are the ones who matter.


26-29 Octubre, 2012: Cajamarca-Trujillo

Sugar of different colours in the Cajamarca market.

Cajamarca has a lot of cows, and so do lactic products!  And they are delicious!

The beautiful church in Plaza de Armas.

A painter painting the beautiful city.

Me stepping on Cajamarca!

The cheese factory.

Us los increíbles at las ventanillas.

The church laminating at night

The truly ´breathtaking´ Cumbe Mayo.

The incredible landscape at 3,600 metres above sea level.

The pre-Inca canal with ancient motif on the wall at Cumbe Mayo.

The majestic stones.

Los Baños del Inca, delicious thermal baths.

Re-visit Chan Chan.

Revisit Huanchaco and fisherman with his totora boat.

A surfer and the pelican.

Revisit the romantic city of Trujillo.

Beautiful Plaza de Armas.