24-3-2011: Some of my favorite videos in the past year

José Luis and Jhonatan @ pollo a la brasa

José Luis and Jhonatan @ Oscar

Lemar´t and Jhonatan singing "Los Alimentos"

The twins singing "Los Perros"

José Luis drying the dishes


13-3-2011: Beijing, China

Lydia and Me at the cold and windy Olympic Park behind the "Nest".

At night, the venues were away cooler!

The Water Square was really beautiful at night.

One of my very favorites, Shayanro! Can´t have enough of it!

11, 12-3-2011: Beijing, China

We tasted a rose tea......it smells better than tastes.

Beijing still remains lots of antigue architecture.

The original Tong Ren Tang in Beijing.

Tiananmen Square by night. Lots of security these days because of the protests.

The Lamb Kebab, so good!

Spicy Malatan, it was one of my favorites!

8-3-2011: Madrid, España

The magnificent Cieles Palace, part of it now acts as the post office.

The Sol plaza. The streets of Madrid are full of beautiful architecture.

El Palacio Real, where the King of Spain still lives.

Me and Rubén, who brought me to this rooftop bar where we could overlook the city.

A delicious breakfast, including the famous Spanish ham!

A monument outside the bull ring.

Plaza de Toro, the traditional bull ring in Madrid.

6, 7-3-2011: Madrid, España

The best thing about being in Spain: Ham!

A beautiful artificial lake in front of the Alfonso XVII monument.

The end of winter reminds me of "Cien años de soledad".

A beautiful side of the Retiro Park overlooking the beautiful city.

The glass palace is dream like.

Me sitting outside the glass palace.

In the park, there were gorgeous cherry blossom trees all over!

Many people rested under the cherry blossom trees, including me.


4-3-2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Esteban and me before I left Buenos Aires.

Esteban drew this wonderful painting for me!

Beginning the touring the Evita Museum.

The crown jewel of the museum, Evita´s collection of fashion. The black dress in the middle is simply a masterpiece! Exquisite!

Evita´s collection of personal items including her old perfume bottles.

Here´s a hat she wore at an event working on a project for children.

The museum building itself was actually a refuge house for women during Evita´s progressive movement for women.

This room is filled with aroma of Rose, Evita´s signature aroma.

In the museum, there are a lot of history, videos and photos about Evita and Juan Perón.

Argentines have all sweets for breakfast, like alfajor, medeline among other pastries. Very delicious.

3-3-2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Congress building of Argentina.

So-called the widest street in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio.

The antique and grandeur Microcentro of Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada (Pink House), the President´s workplace.

This is the balcony of the Pink House where all Argentine´s elites and politicians made their famous speeches (or when Madonna sang "Don´t Cry for Me Argentina."

In the evening, Esteban invited me to a play, and we passed by a beautiful building at night.

After the play, we went to a traditional pizza house where we had very cheesy and delicious pizzas.

1,2-3-2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Argentine famous steak: Juicy tender and great flavor!

With so much Italian influence, BA boosts a Plaza Italia in Palermo without surprises.

BA´s famous Freddo ice-cream show also boosts sweet treats such as Argentine´s famous alfajores.

Former president, Domigo Sarimento´s grave in Cementerio de la Recoleta.

Evita Duarte´s family´s grave.

One of Evita´s many plaques.

Me in memory of Eva Perón.

Beautiful architecture in the cemetery.

A very unique grave in the cemetery.

The cemetery behind the gate.